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Acne: Your Quick Self-help Guide for Smooth Skin

Published: Thu April 23, 2015
Categories: Top 5 Advice

FROM THE INSIDE (What you should be putting into your body or munching on)

Essential fatty acids

Did you notice the word ‘essential’? This means our body needs these beneficial fats to be provided by the foods we eat. They’re anti-inflammatory too, so load up your diet with plenty of foods rich in ‘good fats’ such as: 

  • salmon
  • mackerel
  • tuna
  • flaxseed
  • walnuts, pine nuts, pecans & brazil nuts
  • chia seeds
  • soy beans 
  • avocado

Flaxseed oil is your new best friend – use it as a salad dressing or even add it to smoothies – aim to eat about 1 tablespoon every day.


These are beneficial ‘alive’ cultures known as ‘good bacteria’ - they help create the ideal environment in your intestines and balance out the ‘bad bacteria’. One important culture to eat is acidophilus. So try eating plain natural yoghurt (not the sweetened or flavoured kind either) or fermented foods like tempeh (a soy bean product you can find in the supermarket near the tofu).

 Vitamin A

This is vital for skin health and is especially important for helping to get rid of blotches, spots and blemishes. So start munching on plenty of: carrots, green leafy veggies (kale, spinach), sweet potatoes, paw paw and red capsicum.


Required in the body to heal and create healthy skin plus it is also good for reducing inflammation caused by breakouts.  Boost your zinc levels with shellfish, whole grains (oats), pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, beans, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. There are other vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for a wonderful clean complexion so make sure you eat a wide variety of different foods all the time and try to eat plenty of fresh, raw foods, especially, those nutrient dense leafy green vegetables! Your skin with thank you for it. 


The Ditch List

Processed foods and foods high in sugar, these will do nothing to help your skin. Also try to reduce your dairy intake (except for natural yoghurt) as it can be quite inflammatory.

Heavy foundations and make up – these may seem like a good idea at the time, but they will only make blocked pores and pimples even worse. Instead try out a natural mineral powder makeup – you can get amazing coverage and it won’t clog your pores.

Good skincare

Combining a good skincare regime with a healthy diet can do wonders to improve acne. Our top tips are to use our Glycolic cleanser to decongest acne prone skin, also, ensure you switch your moisturiser to our Moisture Defence- Oily- a treatment moisturiser
like no other to clarify, decongest and reduce oil production. For acne skin that needs calming, Laser Aid has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, it will also help strengthen and repair the skin. Apply Laser Aid on clean damp skin, leave for 20 minutes and rinse off with cool water. Follow the treatment with one pump of Skinstitut’s Retinol to the face, neck and décolletage to help refine, tighten & strengthen the skin.

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