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Beauty Sleep?

Published: Mon February 18, 2013
Categories: The Myth Minx
Tags: antioxidants, Beautiful, beauty, ceramides, Dehydration, fatty acids, glowing skin, healthy, hyperpigmentation, Inadequate Moisturiser, sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty, appearing beautiful after waking from a deep slumber, isn’t just the stuff fairy tales are made of. Especially when it comes to the appearance of your skin. That’s right my Busy Beauties -- Needing your Beauty Sleep is ‘no myth’ if you want happy, hydrated and youthful looking skin. In reality, there is a very good reason that those who are well slept, look and feel noticeably more attractive (ah-la Sleeping Beauty) than those who are constantly burning the midnight-oil (ah-la The wicked Witch). Some of the reasons that getting enough ‘Beauty Sleep’ makes such a difference to your skin are Collagen & Growth Hormone, Hydration & Skin Renewal. You see, in the earlier parts of your sleep cycle, most people will often have a surge in growth hormone. This period of slumber is known as Stage 3 & 4 Sleep and it’s responsible for what is known as ‘Beauty Sleep’. What’s the reason for this you ask? Because the production of growth hormone helps repair and rebuild the body tissue. It also helps aid in cell regeneration  and slows down the breakdown of body proteins – which is powerful because proteins form the foundation needed to repair factors like stress, ultraviolet rays and sun damage. It’s for this reason, that the deep sleep you experience in stage 3 & 4 is so important to your skin. Research also shows that skin cells regenerate faster at night than they do during the day.  However, while your skin will rejuvenate and renew even if you stay awake, the growth hormone surges are highest during sleep.  Ultimately this means your skin may age faster if you are not getting enough sleep. Another reason to take regular beauty naps –is that if we are tossing and turning at night, we can also get fatter! A recent 2012 study has shown that middle aged women who sleep five or less hours per night weigh an average of 2.5kg more than those that sleep more than 7hours. The body can become insulin resistant when sleep hours are reduced. Reduced sleep may also cause changes in hormones that control the appetite, leptin and ghrelin are hormones that not only stimulate hunger but also cause you to eat foods, which are higher in calories. These eating patterns can lead to obesity. So there you have it, slip into something a little more comfortable and catch some zzzz’s. Why? It will make you wake with skin that feels just like Sleeping Beauty – refreshed, radiant and ready to face the world with glowing skin. xMM  

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