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Can your skin be warning you about internal imbalances in your body?

Published: Wed January 31, 2018
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This time, we’re talking skin analysis; can your face tell a story of what is happening internally within your body?

The answer: Yes (to an extent).

This can be done through Holistic Skin Analysis (as used by Skinstitut). This encompasses the concept that the entire body is mapped out on the face, with each region of the face corresponding with certain internal organs. Changes that we see on our face (breakouts, pigment, redness etc) can be an indicator of underlying stress in that corresponding body area. 

Through the study of these changes, recommendations can be made for lifestyle modifications, which in conjunction with a great homecare regime will deliver a better result for your skin.

As the New Year is now in full swing many of us wonder, should we be starting a new skincare regime? The question Myth Minx would pose is, has your skin changed recently? What signs are showing up on your skin that weren’t there before?

Many of us are creatures of habit, once we find something that ‘works’ we stick to it (perhaps even when it ceases to do the job it set out to). 

However, the changes on our face may be telling us a story of what is happening internally. So it’s time to listen up (or within). 

Check out some of the most common changes we see on our face and what they may mean for you:

Dark Under eye circles

Under the eyes corresponds with our stomach, kidney and liver. The colour in this area may be a clue to determine where in the body there is more stress. For example, if the colour under the eye is blue/black this can correlate with the kidneys, where as if it’s yellow/brown this is more associated with the liver. Those with poor digestion or a digestive disorder often notice dark under eye circles. Additionally, those low in the mineral iron also notice dark under eye circles (this is often due to poor circulation).

To improve the appearance of the eye area use a pin head sized amount of Skinstitut Eye Believe daily. This instantly refreshing eye corrector targets puffiness and dark circles while also tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet.

Chin – Breakouts

The middle of the chin relates to elimination, if you notice congestion in the form of stubborn blackheads this could be due to poor elimination (eg. Low fibre diet, insufficient water intake). Whereas, if you experience inflammatory acne lesions in this area it can be associated with; high caffeine, sugar or processed food intake.
For breakouts that occur either side of the mouth and closer to the jawline this area according to holistic skin analysis corresponds with the ovaries in women and testes in men. Frequent ongoing breakouts in this region can signify an imbalance in these areas. 

If you notice that after you experience a breakout, a purple discolouration marks your skin for some time this can be associated with low zinc levels as zinc is needed for wound 

Try Skinstitut Moisture Defence Oily Skin, this clarifying and mattifying moisturiser is designed to target breakout prone skin. It decongests and uses a zinc complex to reduce excess oil all while delivering moisture without clogging.

In between eyebrows 

This area corresponds with the liver. If you have had a recent indulgent weekend (rich food and alcohol) you may notice changes in this area (minor congestion or blackheads).

To target stubborn blackheads try using a higher intensity cleanser – Glycolic Cleanser 12% as it removes dead skin cells and purifies. Through daily use it will exfoliate and decongest for a smoother, softer skin. 

Cheeks - Redness or Fragile capillaries 

The cheeks relate back to our lungs. Those who experience allergies, have asthma or respiratory challenges tend to notice skin changes in this area. Often the skin will be more prone to redness or flushing while having the presence of fragile capillaries.

To target fragile capillaries use Skinstitut Vitamin C 100% daily. Just a rice grain sized amount can be mixed into moisturiser to improve skin colour, radiance and tone. Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory water soluble vitamin that assists the strengthening of blood vessel walls. 

To discover what your skin may be telling you, book in for a complimentary skin consultation at a Skinstitut stockist Alternatively, to know what products are right for your skin, use Skinstitut’s digital consultation tool. 

When it comes to result-driven homecare regimes, Skinstitut have an easy to follow 5 step process that assures change is delivered: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Correct, Hydrate & Protect. With an understanding that every persons skin goals and skin type is different, Skinstitut have customised intensity levels at each step, so a unique 5 step regime is built and adjusted to your skin type and condition. We are all unique, so is our skin, create your skins perfect match with your own special 5 a-day program:

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