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Clearing Solutions for oily or hormonal skin

Published: Thu September 17, 2015
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What is happening in the skin when congestion and breakouts appear?

Breakouts can occur due to a few different areas of dysfunction within the skin.

Firstly, those who suffer from breakouts typically experience an excessive build-up of dead skin cells (known as retention hyperkeratosis). These skin cells can then accumulate within the pore (or hair follicle) in which sebum (oil) is secreted into. 

In normal situations the sebum flows freely out of the pore and onto the skin to lubricate and protect. However, some people who experience breakouts may also have an excess production of sebum or even a stickier sebum, which means that it doesn’t flow as freely out of the pore. 

The sebum (or sticker sebum) then combines with the build-up of dead skin cells, to produce a plug within the pore. Once the plug has been formed, it cuts off the oxygen supply to the pore. This means that bacteria (particular p. acnes) can rapidly multiply. 

If the bacteria within the blocked pore continue to multiply we can see redness, swelling and inflammation as the congested pores progress into inflamed breakouts. 

Possible causes and contributing factors for congestion prone skin

  • Silicone based make up primers or foundation
  • Spray tans
  • Heavily pigmented make up
  • Oil based products or those containing petroleum jelly
  • Hormones (pregnancy, adolescence)
  • Nutrient deficiencies (such as zinc and B vitamins)
  • Stress
  • Poor diet (may exacerbate)
  • Over exfoliating  
  • Certain medications
  • Build-up of dead skin cells (retention hyperkeratosis)

Lifestyle Tips

  • Assess all make-up products being used on the skin, consider a light mineral 
  • powder instead of a heavy liquid foundation
  • Avoid smoking where possible
  • Be aware of personal hygiene (eg. using clean face towels & pillows, washing hats if worn regularly) 
  • Take up stress reduction activities such as yoga and practice deep breathing
  • Avoid a high intake of processed food, refined carbohydrates and sugar
  • Increase your intake of fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds to ensure you are providing your body with plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Consider a low glycaemic index and balanced diet to ensure blood glucose levels are kept stable
  • Eat plenty of foods rich in essential 
  • fatty acids (eg. fish, avocado, nuts etc) as this may help with excess inflammation

Clearing Solutions at home

To successfully target unwanted congestion and breakouts, a results-driven homecare regime involving 5 steps is required. 
You can create your skins perfect match with your own special 5 a-day programme from Skinstitut, with this programme you can cover your skincare routine with the 5 simple steps to ensure radiant skin. 

Discover your unique 5 a-day Programme by visiting: Here you can follow the 5 steps of product selection and tailor by selecting the suitable intensity level for your skin and create your own personalised 5 a-day programme for Clearing.

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