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Dry Skin

Published: Thu June 26, 2014
Categories: Top 5 Advice

Which ingredients are the best to treat dry skin?

 The key to treating dehydration is hydration to replace the natural barrier function of the skin. This will reduce sensitive skin issues and strengthen the skin to be able to tolerate more active skincare ingredients. Less is best to start with. Look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and nourishing oils such as avocado, rosehip, macadamia and Shea butter. Antioxidant rich products will also further protect the skin. Once the dehydration has been treated the skin will be better able to tolerate more intensive ingredients such as hydroxyl acids and retinols.

Which products and ingredients should you avoid using and why?

Dehydrated skin is a sign that the natural protective barrier function of the skin is impaired. If the natural oils and lipids are reduced, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture leading to dehydration and sensitivity. It is therefore essential to avoid products and ingredients that will further weaken the barrier function such as alkaline soaps, harsh stripping alcohol based toners and hydroxy acids in high %. Professional treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels should also be avoided when the skin is dehydrated to avoid further sensitisation and dehydration.

What is the best daily skincare regime for dry skin?

Simple to start with. Too much product too soon could result in skin sensitivity due to the impaired barrier function.

Start with an antioxidant rich gentle cleanser, an antioxidant rich moisturiser plus of course an SPF 50. Look for an SPF with added antioxidants and ingredients such as Vitamin B3 to further aid protection and hydration of the skin.  At night time use a nourishing treatment oil to replenish and strengthen the skin.

 Ensure the diet is high in essential fatty acids found in oily fish, nuts and seeds. Essential fats are key to a hydrated glowing skin.

Drinking plenty of clean filtered water will flush out toxins and help to plump out the lower layers of the skin however it will not do anything to help superficial dehydration. This is because the 

natural protective layer of oils and lipids is weak and therefore cannot retain water. This is why essential oils in the diet and using the right nourishing topical ingredients is so important.


Will a mask help?

Using Skinstitut hydrating mask once to twice a week is a great way to give the skin an intensive boost of moisture. Leave for 10 – 15 mins or for ultimate hydration use as an overnight treatment.

So there we have it. Following a daily simple skincare and eating well is the most important way to hydrate the skin the skin this winter.

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