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Gift ideas for guys

Published: Fri December 21, 2012
Categories: Top 5 Advice
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Looking to give your skin (or the guy in your life’s skin) a man-cover? Skin care is not just a ‘girl’ thing.  Having skin that is smooth hydrated, and in good condition to fight against premature ageing is something that most men want to achieve.  Don’t believe us? Ladies, you only have to look at the way your products mysteriously get used when left out in the bathroom to see the proof is in the product pudding. So, with the festive season and beach season both in full- swing in Australia, NOW is the perfect time to give the gift of healthy skin. Here is our Managing Director Fiona Tuck’s Top 5: Gift Ideas For Guys. Laser Aid: AKA Razor Aid. For the man who gets irritated skin when shaving Laser Aid works as a great substitute for shaving cream. It keeps the skin protected from the shaving process and leaves it smooth and rash free. Glycolic Scrubs: Blackheads & Open Pours A great all round product to help relieve open pours and blackheads that often appear when the skin gets a little oily. Also great for skin that’s exposed to the elements at work. TIP: Men working in the outdoors or within the trades find this product especially useful. Eye Believe: Instant Lift For the man who likes the manicured look, EYE BELIEVE can be used around the eyes to rejuvenate the skin. It can also be used all over the face as a primer. If you sprinkle a little bit of our Vitamin C before applying it we call it our ‘Hot Date’ combination giving your skin an instant lift. Enzymatic Micro Peel: Smooth & Hydrate For the man who has skin that’s feeling a little dehydrated or scaly this product is a ‘must have’ accessory for their wash bag. Perfect Protection: The ‘Must Have’ product for every man. Sun Damage is the Number 1 cause of ageing. All men need to wear a sunscreen daily that protects them from the UV Rays of the sun. For more information on any of these products visit our website here:          

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