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How to protect your most valuable asset, your skin

Published: Thu March 24, 2016
Categories: The Myth Minx

What if Myth Minx told you that there are things we can do each day to achieve a radiant, even and flawless complexion so you no longer have to rely on make-up to stroll down the road or pop out to run some errands (it sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it).

A bright, even and radiant complexion is just around the corner.

While we all seem to be diligent with a few crucial steps in our regimes, such as cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, the one area that gets overlooked by many of us is protection.

Daily protection is absolutely vital to maintain our radiant luminosity and even skin tone we once took for granted in our earlier years.

The Protection step in our skincare regime

How many of you have splashed out on an expensive handbag or pair of shoes? Well our skin (and body) will be around much longer than those shoes, so it’s time to start investing in our skins’ health today.
Like any good investment, it’s what you do today that pays dividends tomorrow and the day after. (Trust Myth Minx, your 50 year old self will be thanking your 30 year old self). 

  • Every single day our skin is exposed to harsh environmental insults, such as:
  • Sun (no brainer here)
  • Pollution (think car fumes, dust, chemical pollutants)
  • Chemicals (household cleaners, nail varnishes etc)
  • Environment (wind, heat, cold, artificial temperature control)

For many of us, these things are extremely difficult to eliminate from daily life, however we can take steps to counteract their damaging effect on the skin.

If we overlook the protection step of our regime, we can be more prone to:

  • An uneven skin tone, some patches of skin being darker than other parts (brown)
  • A dull, sallow and lack lustre skin tone
  • A sensitive, reactive skin
  • Prematurely aged skin, with fine lines becoming more prominent
  • Long term, loss of elasticity in the skin

Your first line of defence against these harsh environmental agents is a broad spectrum SPF 50+ that also incorporates other powerful ingredients to strengthen and protect the skin.

MM’s favourite is Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50+

This powerful anti-ageing skin protector is a broad spectrum moisturiser with added nutrients to defend our skin against those daily insults.

Why MM loves Age Defence SPF 50+:

  • Protects from the harmful effects of the sun
  • Strengthens the skin, to reduce irritation and sensitivity
  • Protects against dehydration and premature ageing
  • Prevents skin discolouration and loss of elasticity
  • Acts as a great make up primer

Sounds like a great skin investment, doesn’t it? 

If you spend quite a bit of time outdoors in the sun or exposed to lots of chemicals and pollution, a little extra help may be required. 
Try taking your protection step to the next level and mix in a rice grain sized amount of Vitamin C 100% into Age Defence SPF 50+ each morning.

By adding in your powerful Vitamin C you will:

  • Help reduce UV damage in the skin
  • Assist with collagen production and skin firmness
  • Reduce the appearance of sun damage
  • Brighten and even out the skin tone

So while we can’t always control the environment around us, we can control how we protect our skin in the environment. Have you thought twice about how you are protecting one of the most important investments of your life, your skin?

Stay tuned, next month MM explores how we can assist skin renewal and prevent premature ageing.

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