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Men and women require different skincare products

Published: Tue March 26, 2013
Categories: The Myth Minx
Tags: Fiona Tuck, Man, Manscape, Masculine, Men, Myth Minx, need, skincare, skinstitut, Unisex, women

Hello there, One of the biggest myth-conceptions about skincare routines is that men don’t need to use skincare products on a regular basis. Men, like all of us, need to protect their skin from sun-damage, dehydration, and ageing. And because of this myth-conception many a man have been known to secretly use their partners… why buy your own, when you don’t need it right?  Actually, they are right – they just may not realise why. It’s a total myth’s in modern manhood – that men require different skincare products to women. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of skincare products formulated specifically for men. Remember the tenant that “skin is skin?” The same rule applies here. Of course, individuals have different concerns and, thus, require differing approaches to skincare. But, these differences cannot simply be divided down gender lines. Given the recent growth of the male personal care market, it’s no wonder that companies are putting out skincare lines targeted specifically to this audience. However, the only difference between these products and other skincare lines is the fragrance and the look of the bottles. After all, few men want a “cute” bottle on their bathroom shelf. Sure men might have different skin types, so they need to use different formulations depending on their lifestyle (if they are working outside, have oily skin, burn the midnight-oil) but that is no different to the fairer sex in what formulations will actually improve the skin. At the heart of it, men and women can use the same products on their skin, if it’s suitable to their specific skin needs. Gender specific products are more around the industry making money, than what the skin truly needs. So sure, when it comes to the battle of the sexes, the bathroom is often one of the greatest war zones.  Modern men are often touted as hogging it. And as the perception of ‘man-scaping’ continues to get more airtime, so does the secret desire for men to borrow aka use your favourite skincare products at the same time. In Skinstitut’s case, this isn’t an issue as our products are all uni-sex. So you can even suggest that he “buys his own,” then share it (provided it suits your skins needs).  After all, sharing is caring especially when ‘get your own’ really means, get some for me J X The Myth Minx        

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