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Party tricks to have you Sparkling this silly season

Published: Thu December 11, 2014
Categories: Top 5 Advice


The eyebrows frame the eyes, get the wrong frame and the whole canvas can be ruined.

The brows should naturally be thicker near the bridge of the nose and have a natural arched taper towards the temples. If your brows are the same thickness from start to end you may be at risk of adding years to your face.

DIY over plucking can give a harshness to the facial features accentuating lines.

Thick heavy unruly brows can also add years to a face and give the illusion of heavy lids.

Ditch eyebrow pencils which again can give a harsh appearance to facial lines and wrinkles. Use a powder shadow instead lightly brushed over the brow to accentuate the natural lift and soften the facial features.

An expert brow shape can immediately lift the whole eye area by giving an illusion of a ‘lifted, fresher’ appearance.

Eye shadow

The skin around the eyes is fine and delicate, therefore one of the first areas to show the ravages of time. As skin ages, eye make-up should be kept matt and neutral. Pearly shimmers may be all the rage but a disaster on an older skin. Shimmer powders or dark shades on the lids will only accentuate lines and wrinkles drawing attention to areas we don’t want attention to. 
Over 30’s stay away from the shimmers!

Keep eye colours muted and soft and stay away from harsh liquid eyeliners and strong colours to give the illusion of youth.

Expert tip: Try Skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream to help reduce puffiness and fine lines around the eye. It will also improve tone and texture in both of these delicate areas, whilst hydrating to help your skin sparkle!


As we age our skin naturally lightens. Avoid heavy, matt foundations that sit in the creases accentuating lines. Using a shade too dark or light for your natural skin tone will only accentuate the problem. Foundation should blend in perfectly to the skin tones of the neck. If you can see where the make-up finishes, you have the wrong colour.


Our hair also naturally lightens as we age, therefore choosing too dark a hair colour can be a harsh contrast. Fringes and straight hair will also frame the face, pulling it down and highlighting sagging jowls or a downturned mouth.

Lift hair back of the face either with a shorter style or pull longer hair back into a high pony tail. Another trick of the trade is to lift the face with highlights around the hairline to soften the facial features.

So there we have it. Get the insider tips to looking youthful and spring clean your make up bag, get those brows professionally tweaked and consider a revamp at the hairdressers. Watch out world here comes gorgeous!

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