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‘Pucker up’ - Luscious lips (how to get them, then how to keep them)

Published: Fri November 24, 2017
Categories: The Myth Minx

When it comes to creating an enviable smile Myth Minx is thrilled to share a few tricks of the trade that are easy to implement at home yet make a dramatic difference.
First, in true Myth Minx style, let’s begin by understanding this very kissable body part. Anatomically, our lips differ to the skin on other parts of our face and body. The skin on our lips is significantly thinner than other areas (consisting of only 3 – 5 cellular layers instead of up to 16 in other parts). Being thinner means it’s easier to see the blood vessels underneath, it’s this blood flow that gives our lips their reddish pink hue. Have you ever noticed that some of us have very pale coloured lips (or even a bluish tinge to the lips)? This is common in those that have low iron levels or poor circulation (which means there is less oxygenated blood travelling efficiently around the body).

Age related changes

Believe it or not, as we age (along with other skin changes) we will notice changes in our lip volume. This is a result of collagen loss. It’s collagen that gives lips their shape (collagen is a structural protein that our body natural produces). As we age, collagen production declines, slowly from the age of about 30 years. As our collagen production gradually slows year by year, it’s normal for lip volume to decrease. In addition to the volume decreasing many of us notice the lips take on a more dull appearance with an increased tendency for dryness. While we cannot turn back the clock and prevent the natural ageing process, there are many lifestyle components that can mitigate the effects of premature ageing, even for the lip area. Most importantly to keep a perfect pout for longer, avoid excessive sun exposure (being sure to apply SPF 50+ over your lips each day) and quit smoking. Smoking will age lips faster due to several factors; free radical damage breaking down collagen prematurely; destruction of vitamin C (needed for collagen production), and continual physical pursing of lips.  

Health related changes

As with the skin on our face (and body), our lips too will reflect our internal health and wellbeing. According to Holistic Skin Analysis changes in the lips can also be related to internal factors, particularly within the stomach area. Dry cracked lips may be an 
indicator of gastric stress, poor digestion, or low gut flora. Persistent cracks at the corner of the mouth can even indicate low iron or vitamin B levels. So if you’re noticing a distinct change that can’t be explained (ie. weather), then perhaps it’s a good idea to reflect on internal or dietary changes. 

How to keep your lips looking plump, youthful and rosy 

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Hydrate
  3. Protect 

We usually exfoliate our face on a regular basis, yet our lips can be neglected. It’s ideal to avoid using high intensity physical or chemical exfoliants over our delicate lips as this could dry or irritate. Instead use Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel 2-3 times per week to gently exfoliate dry dead skin from the lips surface. The enzymes will selectively digest only dead skin delivering a soothing micro exfoliant action. The complex of hyaluronic acid, chamomile and B vitamins hydrate and soften the lips reducing any existing sensitivity. 

MM’s favourite way to deliver immense hydration and plumpness is with Skinstitut Hydrating Mask. Use this intensive hydrator over your lips as often as needed (at least a few times per week). The ginger extract helps to encourage circulation, assisting to keep your lips looking vibrant and luscious. By drawing moisture into the skin lip lines are reduced and volume is increased within a matter of minutes. 

Protection is the most overlooked step when it comes to maintaining luscious lips. Daily Protection from UVA and UVA rays is essential; remember when applying your Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50+ each morning be sure to apply over your lips also. For those of you with exceptionally dry and chapped lips you will require additional nourishment to heal and protect. Try using Skinstitut Repair Balm as a protective healing and repairing lip balm throughout the day. Enjoy the tingle when you apply (you’re feeling the ginger extract encouraging circulation promoting that desirable plump).

So now you have all the inside tips to get your lips in kissing condition just in time for the Christmas mistletoe.


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