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Secrets revealed - how to stay flawless throughout the travel and party season

Published: Thu December 22, 2016
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When Flying:

Always Prep: Sometimes we don’t think about the after effects of flying until we reach our destination looking less than fabulous. The best approach is to ensure your skin is in great condition prior to flying – be sure to give your skin a thorough exfoliation the night before and follow this with hydrating treatment mask. Try Glycolic Scrub 14% a pre-flight invigorating scrub, the non-dehydrating formula delivers controlled skin exfoliation for a smoother complexion.

Then protect against a dehydrated & dull complexion by using Skinstitut Hydrating Mask. It helps to nourish and repair any damage caused by dehydration while plumping up fine lines and improving radiance and luminosity all while purifying and soothing stressed, dull skin. Think of it as pre-hydrating rather than waiting to be de-hydrated after a long flight. 

In-Flight Companion – Multi-Active Mist is your perfect travel companion. It’s 100ml so easy to take on long haul flights. Loaded with skin loving nutrients such as vitamin B3 and vitamin C, it brightens and refreshes a dull or tired complexion plus hydrates using Hyaluronic acid. 

For those of you with a tendency for dry skin, try mixing a small amount of Repair Balm into your regular moisturizer before hopping on the plane. This will help to increase the moisture and hydration in the skin, preventing from dehydration and sensitivity. 

Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the flight and try to limit in-flight wine or beer, not only do they affect your likelihood of sleeping they will exacerbate dehydration.
Keeping your electrolytes in balance is the real key to absorption of the water you drink, especially on long haul flights. A simple way to maintain a healthy balance and ensure you are delivering essential H2o to your cells is to add a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt (HPS) and the juice of a lemon to your water right before you take off. This is a far healthier option to sugar laden or artificial sweeteners found in sports drinks. 

Salts are electrolytes. HPS is high in sodium chloride with potassium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as bicarbonate.  These six minerals are all electrolytes (just like those in sports drinks).  
So, when you add your HPS to your water, which is ionic mineral not sodium dominant, it dissolves into its component ions. These ions are catalysts that help receive and send messages allowing the cellular gateway to open for increased hydration. 

The potassium and calcium in the lemon juice helps regulate pH and hydration as well.

Holiday Destination Guide:

Beach holiday 
An absolute must for anyone spending time outdoors is Age Defence SPF 50+. Acting as a broad spectrum moisturiser it provides protection from over exposure and harmful effects of the sun. To supercharge your protection try adding a rice grain sized amount of Vitamin C into your Age Defence SPF 50+. This will increase your UVB protection and reduce the pink/red response in the skin when exposed to the sun. 

If needed, apply generous lashing of Laser Aid to sun affected skin to instantly cool and reduce redness.  Also perfect to reduce itchiness or irritations from bites or stings more common throughout the summer months.
Skin hack: how to redeem your skin if too many poolside cocktails have been consumed

While the occasional alcoholic drink in moderation is fine, be aware that excessive alcohol intake (more than 3 – 4 drinks daily) will start to affect the skin. It can leave your body internally dehydrated, creating a dull more lacklustre skin tone, but secondly, alcohol wipes out your water soluble nutrients, especially your B group vitamins. What this can mean for the skin is a more red, irritated, reactive or sensitised skin, especially around the nose and mouth. 

Use your Multi-Active Mist to replenish B vitamins and Vitamin C topically, it will also work to hydrate and brighten the complexion, especially reducing any irritation or sensitivity. And remember your customised HPS and lemon juice water drink to deeply hydrate at the cell level.

Winter wonderland 

For those of you lucky enough to be travelling abroad for a White Christmas, your suitcase essentials should include:

  • Repair Balm – ideal for around the nose and on lips (usually the first places that becomes dry and irritated from the harsh cool winds). 
  • Multi-Active Oil – mix a few drops into your moisturiser to deliver extra nourishment or add a few drops into your Glycolic Scrub 14% to create a nourishing and hydrating exfoliant that creates the most luscious, smooth complexion. 
  • Hydrating Mask – a skin saviour when cool winds and artificial heating dulls your sparkle.

Lifestyle Hack for perfect winter skin

In cool climates it’s easy to gravitate towards warm drinks, hot chocolate, flavoured lattes and other sugar and caffeine rich beverages.These drinks may give you an instant energy hit and warm you from the inside out but can be loaded with sugar and way too much caffeine (which is dehydrating for your skin and your whole body), remember you want to be glowing not buzzing! Try to balance these out by alternating with hydrating herbal teas, green tea with mint is a skin and taste sensation. 

Travel safe and enjoy the holiday season looking fresh and flawless.

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