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Smooth As Silk

Published: Wed October 29, 2014
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Living in Australia means the skin is prone to additional environmental stressors that can further lead to compromised skin function.

Australia is a beautiful place to live – we have beautiful beaches, sun and surf however regular exposure to heat and UV will lower the skins natural protective capacity leaving it venerable to premature ageing, dryness and skin sensitivity. UV heat stress will lead to the natural skin defence enzyme systems becoming deactivated. The three naturally occurring enzyme systems neutralised by heat stress and UV exposure are Catalase, Glutathione Peroxidase and Superoxide Dimutase (SOD). Combine this loss of antioxidant protection with an impaired barrier function and we will see skin sensitivity and dehydration.
Shaving on a daily basis with a regular razor is not only a potential irritant for an already sensitised skin; it will act as an aggressive exfoliant removing not only skin cells but also the acid mantle or natural protective layer of the skin. This results in further dryness and irritation and explains the itching or sensitivity you may have experienced if you have ever borrowed your partners razor or used a regular disposable razor to shave with.

Using a razor that has been specifically designed to give a close shave without removing the natural protective barrier from the skin is therefore imperative to give a smooth shave without the irritation. Razors
designed for female skin will give a close shave whilst gently exfoliating the skin without upsetting or weakening the natural barrier function.

Choosing the right razor for your skin is therefore crucial for maximum skin benefits. Who would have thought there is so much technology behind razors?

Top tips for smooth hair free skin

Avoid using soap during shaving as this can dry the skin causing further sensitivity and irritation.
Always shave wet hair and skin as this allows for easier slip and glide of the razor. Never use the razor on dry skin without a shaving gel or hydrating strip to buffer the skin as this will result in chaffing and razor burn.

Not all razors are the same. Multiple 5 blade razors are far more gentle on the skin as opposed to one blade razors which cause far more trauma to the skin due to the uneven pressure load on the blade. Time poor? Choose a razor with inbuilt shave gel bars so no need to lather up.

Choose razors that are specially designed to re enforce the natural barrier function of the skin. Ergonomically designed razors for the female body allow the razor head to pivot which allows for a close shave
without compromising the skins integrity therefore the skin is left soft, smooth and silky soft. 

Shaving against the hair growth is also shaving against the natural direction of the skin cells. This means that sensitive skin can be more prone to nicks and rashes. It is better to shave with the hair growth in sensitive areas such as the bikini line and underarms. 

Freshly shaved skin is like freshly exfoliated skin therefore application of active skin care ingredients such as antiperspirants or hydroxy acids can have a bit more of a sting than you would like. Wait for a few hours after shaving prior to applying antiperspirants or perfumed body sprays to avoid possible skin sensitivity. 

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