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The case of the recurring pimple – Is recurring acne a true phenomenon or are you imagining it?

Published: Wed February 21, 2018
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Is it possible to have clear skin over the majority of your face, yet you continue to break out in the exact same spot over and over again despite your best efforts? Myth minx is here to separate fact from fiction in the case of the recurring pimple. 

We all know that breakouts can be frustrating at the best of times, yet it can become infuriating for some when they continually break out in the exact same region time and time again. This is not a coincidence at all. In fact, there are numerous reasons as to why you’re getting that pesky re-occurring pimple.

Let Myth Minx explain why.


Trauma can be attributed to; acute inflammation (from a very painful or enlarged lesion), ‘squeezing’ pimples at home, or ongoing trauma to the skin in one area (from repeated breakouts). These factors can result in a weakness of the follicular wall (this is the wall of your hair follicle, where oil travels from your sebaceous gland through your hair follicle and is wicked up to the surface of the skin via the hair shaft). This means the follicle that was once shaped like a tube, is now misshapened and branches out. This makes it much more difficult for the normal flow of oil from your sebaceous glands to reach the surface of the skin, providing an ideal environment for acne bacteria to thrive and multiply.

Physical aggravators

These are ingredients or physical items that aggravate one particular area of your face. Identifying the offending aggravator and eliminating it usually results in a complete regression of recurring acne, if it is indeed caused by one of these external influences.
Breakouts around the hairline or lip line can be due to comedogenic ingredients such as hair serums or petroleum jelly based lip products, even some lipsticks or lip liners can result in acne in some individuals. Congestion on the cheeks can also be due to highly pigmented make-up products like blush or bronzer. Alternatively, if you’re seeing congestion on one side of your face only, perhaps it is from your mobile phone (remember your phone harbors a lot of dirt and bacteria, so try to give it a wipe down at regular intervals). 

If you are always wearing a hat or glasses, be sure these items are kept clean to limit the likelihood of recurring breakouts in these areas. 

‘Squeezing pimples’

No doubt you have heard time and time again that you should avoid squeezing your own breakouts at home. This is the holy grail of advice when it comes to managing breakout-prone skin.
There are two reasons as to why squeezing at home can increase the likelihood of recurring acne:

1. If you attempt to squeeze a whitehead at home, you may not completely remove the blockage deeper in the follicle. If the blockage is not removed, the breakout will likely resurface again (as oxygen supply to the deeper part of the follicle is limited, allowing the p.acnes bacteria to thrive and multiply).

2. Squeezing and applying too much pressure can actually rupture the follicle wall underneath the skin resulting in the spreading of p.acnes bacteria, causing another breakout to occur close by.

Always avoid squeezing at home, extractions are best left to professionals to avoid excess trauma, scarring or aggravating existing acne lesions.

Holistic Skin Analysis

The fascinating topic of holistic skin analysis allows us to gain a snapshot of our internal wellbeing. It encompasses the concept that the entire body is mapped out on the face, with each region of the face corresponding with certain internal organs. Changes that we see on our face (breakouts, pigment, redness etc) can be an indicator of underlying stress in that corresponding body area. For example, the chin relates the ovaries and hormonal fluctuations along with digestion and elimination. So if you’re seeing a recurrent breakout in one particular area of your face, perhaps it’s reflecting an internal imbalance with the corresponding organ.

So there you have it. If you’re seeing recurrent breakouts in one particular area of your face likely there is a reason behind this, other than sheer coincidence. To treat breakout prone skin Myth Minx always recommends a 5 step approach 
1. Cleanse
2. Exfoliate 
3. Correct 
4. Hydrate 
5. Protect

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