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The number one mistake you could be making in your skincare regime

Published: Fri July 12, 2019
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The truth is, it may not be the products you are or aren’t using, it’s most likely how you’re using them (or should we say not using them)! 

When it comes to skincare, Myth Minx is here to tell you that your face doesn’t end at your face; it ends at your nipples! Targeting both the neck and décolletage is crucial to nurture and protect this delicate area on a daily basis.    

Have you been ritually applying your skincare across your face, neck and décolletage each morning and night? If not, you could be exposing these areas to premature ageing and skin damage.  

More so than other areas of the body, the neck is much more susceptible to premature ageing. This is because the skin is much finer and has lower sebaceous activity, meaning less oil flow. Combine these two factors with excessive amounts of daily incidental sun 
exposure and you have yourself the perfect storm for premature ageing.  

If we move onto the décolletage it doesn’t take a scientist to work out that years of incidental sun exposure (think V-neck tops) and lack of protection (SPF) this area is known to experience this highest volume of photo ageing (AKA sun induced accelerated ageing) compared to other areas of the body.  

In professional skin clinics one of the most common questions from clients include how to improve the texture and tone of skin on their décolletage; the resounding answer; prevention is better than cure.  

If you’re unsure whether the changes on your décolletage are normal or a result of sun induced photo-ageing, check out Myth Minx checklist below: 

  • pigmentation   
  • laxity (lost elasticity) 
  • a yellow hue   
  • wrinkles (the dreaded ‘chinkles’ aka ‘chest wrinkles’) 
  • broken capillaries   
  • a leather appearance   
  • sun spots  
  • poikiloderma (hyper and hyper pigmentation with visible capillaries) 
  • If you look down and notice at least 2 or more from the above list, it’s more than likely that your décolletage has experienced sun damage which has led to photo ageing.  

It’s never too late to start a new habit and prevent any further damage from occurring, try incorporating Myth Minx neck and décolletage protection lifestyle tips: 

  • Wear SPF 50+ every day over these areas 
  • Try applying mineral make-up down the neck area for added sun protection  
  • Avoid sunbaking 
  • If you have short hair or wear your hair pulled up remember to apply SPF50+ to back of your neck daily 
  • Quit smoking 
  • Exercise regularly (for circulation and toxin removal) 
  • Reduce sugar intake (to reduce the risk of glycation – the binding of sugars to proteins that leads to sagging and inflexible skin aggravating the appearance of ageing) 
  • Eat an antioxidant rich and balanced diet loaded with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit plus vitamin C rich foods (vitamin C is required for collagen production) 
  • Reduce alcohol intake 
  • Avoid sleeping on your side or on your front (to minimise chest lines and wrinkles)

How to adjust your homecare regime 

We know that prevention is better than cure, so to best support these parts of the body that age with ease it’s vital to protect daily with Age Defence SPF50+; apply a generous amount over your face, neck and décolletage each morning before you leave the house. 

Maybe you scrimped on the SPF50+ in years past, fear not, there are high intensity correcting solutions at hand. Myth Minx go-to’s for addressing prematurely and photo aged skin include: 

  • Skinstitut Retinol Serum 
  • Skinstitut Vitamin C 100% 
  • Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream 

Don’t let the name lead you astray, you should be applying this beauty over your décolletage too, Myth Minx knows that Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream is the most underrated homecare solution for this area. Through the use of biomimetic peptides and clinically proven 
ingredients Skinstitut’s Ultra Firming Eye & Neck cream has been designed to address signs of visible skin ageing, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated using the peptide Matrixyl 3000 (among others), this ingredient works to smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and elasticity and ultimately, restores skin’s metabolism of youth. 

Clinical trials using Matrixyl 3000 showed after 2 months of usage: 

  • Photo-induced ageing was delayed by 5.5 years (via repairing UV damage-prone papillary dermis) 
  • Surface occupied by deep wrinkles was reduced by 45% 
  • Skin’s tonicity increased by nearly 20% 

Myth Minx Pro Tip

Always apply a pea sized amount of Ultra Firming Eye & Neck Cream over the neck and décolletage each evening. For added intensity Vitamin C 100% can be mixed in to target UV damage and improve overall skin colour, radiance and tone. 
If you’re super savvy with your skincare regime Retinol Serum can be applied underneath Ultra Firming Eye & Neck cream on the décolletage.  
There are also loads of treatments, including Micro Needling and peels, that can target photo damage on the décolletage. To find your closest skin therapist visit the Skinstitut stockist locator 

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