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The science of love and good skin

Published: Mon February 11, 2013
Categories: The Myth Minx
Tags: breaking up, breaking up skin, breakup, feeling, Fiona Tuck, glow, hormones, Lost, loving, Myth Mix, sensitive skin, The Science Of Love & Good Skin

When ‘you’ve lost that loving feeling’ for life, due to a break-up, a series of bad dates (we’ve all been there), or life just seeming a little lack-luster in the wooing department…your skin suffers more than you may think. With Valentines Day this Thursday, some people find it all too easy to be cynical about love: not having enough, not liking what you’ve got, or simply not sure where to find it! Sure, you might want to shoot Cupid, but I am here to tell you -- that it’s better to kill Cupid with kindness, if you want to have happy, healthy skin. Let me explain why… Many people think it’s a myth that falling in love or lust or simply loving life, has a direct effect on your skin, but it no lie. The endorphins that are released, when you’re happy aka ‘loved up’ brings energy to your circulation, plumpness to your lips – including extra rosebud colouring and a general glow of wellbeing. On the flipside: You only have to look at the reaction in your skin post Break-Up to see how heartbreak can true it affect the skin. Post break-up often the skin starts showing the ill effects straight away due to the hormones, which are released, as it starts a chemical reaction in your body, which makes your skin more sensitive and reactive. Cortisol and other stress hormones produce more oil through sebaceous glands. If your skin is already too oily and extra active then the sebaceous glands will lead to acne and other skin problems. Now, if you’re single or having relationship woes, I don’t’ mean that you’re somehow meant to find a miracle cream to meet the ‘one.’  Or, know how to instantly put’s the spice back in your relationship. However, finding love for yourself, or finding something in the world that fills you with that warm fuzzy feeling outside of a relationship, is important…because it has a direct impact on your skin. So this Valentine’s Day, regardless of, if you’re in a romantic relationship or not make a pact with yourself to ‘fall in love’ with your skin again. Start by realising just how amazing you and your skin are! You don’t need to be in love, to do something you love every day. Why? Because your skin will love you for it! Happy Valentine’s Day for Thursday. xMM   What do you think? Do you notice your skin looks better when you have that 'loving' feeling for someone or for life? What has been your experience of treating clients who are going through emotional times? Have you noticed there is a difference in the skin? 

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