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Tips for post laser hair removal

Published: Wed February 06, 2013
Categories: Top 5 Advice

So you’ve had your LHR treatment and you’re on the way to having smooth, hair free skin? Yes, if you follow these rules…. This is true. Firstly, the most important thing to remember is: No plucking, tweezing or waxing of the treated area in between the treatments. The hair will naturally dislodge from the follicle with the coagulation of the protein after laser.  By plucking, tweezing or waxing you are not allowing this process to happen when the hair is ready. Also you are potentially pulling out a hair that has not been treated and therefore it will not be in the follicle ready for the next treatment.

There are also 5 important steps you need to implement, to be smooth & hair free. So without further ado, here are our Top 5: Post Hair Removal Tips.

Wait: at least 3 days before applying fake tan. This will allow the skin to settle and inflammation to have disappeared. Laser aid needs to be used at least 2 x day for 3 days and you cannot apply fake tan over moisturiser.

Apply: Laser Aid for a minimum of 2 times a day for 3 days or until any redness has disappeared. This will ensure that the excess heat from the laser is drawn out from the skin and provides antibacterial support for the treated area. You will also need to be applyingg a broad spectrum SPF 50+ daily such as Age Defence SPF 50+. No direct sun exposure to the treated area for 2 weeks. Laser can potentially cause photosensitivity the area can there for be more prone to sunburn

Exfoliate: After 3 days the treated area needs to be exfoliated with a dual action exfoliant such as Glycolic Scrub 14%. This will ensure that the hairs are encouraged to expel from the follicle allowing them to fall out without becoming ingrown.

Treat:  2 weeks to have a skin treatment e.g. peels on the treated area. By allowing 2 weeks in between the treatment and the peel this will ensure the skin has settled and the hair fallout process has occurred

No means No: No pools, spas or saunas, no exercise for at least 24hrs. Chlorine, bacteria can be found in these activities with the hair follicle potentially swollen after the hair removal treatment these activities can potentially allow bacteria to irritate the skin.

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