skin products, so often we are bombarded with the many claims and promises made by the beauty industry, on the latest 'trends'." /> skin products, so often we are bombarded with the many claims and promises made by the beauty industry, on the latest 'trends'." />

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Trend treatments & Christmas miracles

Published: Tue December 18, 2012
Categories: The Myth Minx
Tags: antioxidants, beauty, ceramides, cholesterol, cure, Dehydration, fiona, glowing skin, healthy, premature ageing, skin damage, skin needling, vitamin c, water, zinc

Well hello there, When it comes to skin products, so often we are bombarded with the many claims and promises made by the beauty industry, on the latest 'trends'. 2012 proved to be no different, especially when it comes to the new ‘skin trends’ that promised to deliver ‘maximum’ results’ for ‘extortionate prices. However, is it really possible, that the ‘latest and greatest’ trends will really deliver results? When it comes to things that don’t contain active ingredients and cosmedical products, the answer is…NO. It’s a myth! In 2012 – some of my favourite bogus beauty trends were --     Sperm Facials where clients pay top $$$ to have synthetic sperm rubbed onto their face for smoother looking skin. Snail facials, where snail’s slime all over your face and the ‘trail’ is meant to deliver life-changing nutritional results. Or what about the ‘Gold Facial,’ that costs more than a gold necklace, and delivers nothing but ‘fools gold’ in results. Do any of these truly work in preventing the signs of ageing? If your Christmas wish is to have flawless amazing skin, it’s important to break the cycle of believing in bogus skin treatments and educate yourself on the difference been Cosmetic vs. Cosmedical products. As cosmetics are often based on ‘hype’ and deliver nothing but the myth of better looking skin. A cosmetic can be classed as a skin-beautifying product that maintains the surface of the skin. This includes cleansers, toners, masks and moisturizers. This category of product is unable to pass through the stratum corneum and therefore has no ability to create any structural changes. Don’t be fooled by the clever marketing tactics deployed with cosmetics; these products rarely deliver any long term results for treatment of more aggressive skin issues such as acne, severely photo-damaged, hyper-pigmented or severely sensitized conditions. Typically cosmetics have little or no medically proven, high-active ingredients and are designed to cater to a larger, “non-educated” consumer. Cosmedicals are the newest and arguably the most effective category of skin products that can be purchased without prescription. Often described as an advanced, Cosmedicals have the ability to target not only present and past skin damage, but provide the skin with some preventative capacity for the future. Based on a medically and clinically proven blend of AHA, Retinoid, Vitamin C, Peptide, Antioxidant and SPF technology, Cosmedicals are not only reliant on a potent percentage of active ingredients but utilize chiral and encapsulation technology to deliver benefits as deep as possible into the skin. Cosmedicals are often described as the last step before a doctor’s prescription and will typically be prescribed by a skin professional in a medispa, skin clinic or medical practice environment. So the next time you go to spend up big on the latest ‘wonder’ cosmetic. Remember that you can save your skin the trouble and yourself a lot of money by using active ingredients that actually work. After all, who has time not to love the skin you’re in!? What do you think? Have you tried any of the treatment trends in 2012? What has been your experience? What have you found has made the biggest difference in your skin or the skin of your patients in 2012?

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