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Valentines Day

Published: Wed February 12, 2014
Categories: Top 5 Advice

Be still my beating heart, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. If you want to be sure to have a scorching red hot this Valentines keep reading. Spending time preening and pruning ourselves for our special mate can make us more appealing to the opposite sex however it is most certainly a myth that the more preening the better. Follow these simple dos and don’ts to  be sure to get heart beats racing…..   Don’t

  • Cake up on the make-up. Thick foundation, brightly coloured blush and eye shadow and heavy strip lashes are a big turn off. You want to give the illusion of a natural beauty not a drag queen! 
  • You may want hair to stay in perfect shape for the evening but over lacquering the hair until it is a solid lump or overdosing on hair gel and wax is not going to lure your mate to want to run their fingers through your hair. Hair extensions and hair pieces are another no no. They look fake and even worse could drop out if your partner does decide to touch your hair. Loose natural flowing locks are the way to go. 
  • Bright coloured lipstick. Lips need to be kissable. Bright lipstick screams ‘keep away from me’. Men don’t want to kiss a girl wearing bright lipstick as they know it will end up smeared on the faces and new designer shirt. Stick to natural nudes or a gloss if you want that special Valentines lip smacker. Try new products or treatments right before your hot date. A chemical peel is a wonderful treatment to renew and rejuvenate the skin but not a few days before a special occasion. Many intensive skin treatments can leave the looking worse for the first few days so be sure to plan your treatments wisely.
  • Starting a new skincare routine can also mean that your skin can go through changes and can often encourage unhealthy skin to come to the surface. This can result in breakouts so allow a couple of weeks for the skin to settle. 
  • Look like a tangerine. A soft golden summer glow is attractive but goes easy on the spray tan. Too orange and too dark is a dead giveaway plus having orange hands, heels and patches screams spray tan gone wrong. 
  • Overdo heavy perfume. If you can smell yourself wearing perfume it probably means you have over done it. Choose soft, fresh or musky perfumes that are subtle not literally intoxicating. Your natural pheromones are what nature gave us as an alluring fragrance to attract the opposite sex. Do  
  • Leave something to the imagination. Sophisticated, natural and classy without showing too much flesh is the way to go. Too designer or dressed up can be intimidating especially to men as it says high maintenance. 
  • Look natural. A light natural make up can take as long to apply as heavy make-up but the secret is to use natural tones that give the illusion of “not much effort required, I am a natural stunner”. 
  • Be yourself. Relax, enjoy, speak your mind and have your own opinions. Nothing says attractive better than “I am confident being me”. Get your glow on. A gentle dose of yoga can stimulate endorphins to make you feel good plus boosts the circulation providing the skin with a natural radiance and glow.
  • Give your skin a pick me up. Try these Valentine’s Day skincare steps Gently wash the face with Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% to remove dull dead skin cells and give the skin an extra boost of radiance.   Apply Skinstitut Hydrating mask for 5 – 10mins for a surge of moisture plumping goodness. Rinse off with tepid water.   Apply 1 pump of Eye Believe mixed with a grain of rice amount of vitamin C to the face, eyes and neck. This gives an instant lift to tired skin and provides a flawless radiant finish.   Perfect for men to use as a finishing treatment or for women to use as the perfect make up primer.
  • So remember, keep it simple and natural and get ready for a scorching Valentines date. Wishing you all a night of radiance, confidence and love.

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