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Ways to reduce acne congestion

Published: Thu January 10, 2013
Categories: Top 5 Advice
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If you are someone who suffers from Acne how do you reduce the congestion in your skin so it can return to a smooth and happy state? Many people are not aware that there are many hidden triggers that create acne within your beauty or skincare regime & lifestyle. These can triggers can increase the chances of acne and congestion within the skin. Some of these include: Self tanning ingredients, bronzing powders, heaving silicone based moisturisers’ and makeup, make up primers, testosterone, amphetamines to name a few. Here is our Top 5: Tips to Reduce Acne Congestion. 1.Reduce Stress: Reducing and controlling stress levels is extremely important when it comes to acne. The hormone Cortisol is released when we are under stress. Chronic stress results in constantly high cortisol levels and increases testosterone production as well as insulin, which can lead to breakouts to those who are prone to acne. 2. Reduce Inflammation & 0il flow: Zinc is highly effective in the treatment of acne and oily skin. It has the ability to reduce inflammation and infection. Eating foods high in zinc is also a good remedy to alleviate inflammation in acne. Foods that are high in Zinc are: Oysters, pumpkin, seeds, B complex, vitamins. 3. Reduce Bacteria: Exfoliate: Exfoliating is a ‘must do’ process to reduced retention and hyperkeratosis that leads to Acne. 4. Reduce Irritation: Cleanse. Making sure you have the correct cleanser that doesn’t irritate the skin and cause more congestion is extremely important for acne suffers. Skin Tip: Our Glycolic Cleanser is a simple and effective dual cleanser and exfoliates 5. Reduce & Regulate Hormones: Hormones can play a large part for many in creating congestion in the skin. Eating Omega 3 essential fatty acids can help regulate hormones. Eating a low glycemic diet with: Chromium, Magnesium, calcium, zine, alpha, will assist with blood sugar control – and alleviating acne. What do you think? What have you noticed in your treatments or treating clients to have the most effect on reducing acne?  

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