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Ways to treat dehydrated skin

Published: Thu November 29, 2012
Categories: Top 5 Advice
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Are you drinking the recommended amount of water daily but still find you have dry, dehydrated skin? Skinstitut spoke with Managing Director Fiona Tuck, for her Top 5: Causes For Dehydrated Skin.            

1: Poor Cleansing.

“Over cleansing the skin with harsh alkaline soaps, cleansers and abrasive scrubs will strip the skin of its hydro lipic film.”  

 2: Skin Damage.

“This may result from over use of active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, retinoic acid leaving the skin sensitised and flaking.”  

3: Excessive Exfoliation.

“Too much exfoliation on a skin that does not require much exfoliation will break down cell cohesion and reduce the capacity of the skin to retain moisture. Excessive use of microdermabrasion, chemical peels can result in dehydration. An experienced skin professional will always recommend a repair balm to reinforce the barrier function of the skin post professional exfoliating treatments to protect the skin.”

4: Inadequate Moisturisers.

“A dehydrated skin needs a quality moisturiser that will replace the natural oils and protect the skin. Look for ingredients such as essential fatty acids, squalane, ceramides and hyaluronic acid.”    

5: Poor Diet.

“A poor diet or low fat diet can lead to a deficiency in essential fatty acids. These are essential for cell integrity and healthy cell function and a deficiency can manifest as dry, dehydrated, flaky skin. Supplementing the diet with Omega 3 EFA's will assist the appearance and treatment of dehydration.”   Tune in next Thursday for our Top 5: Tips to Prepare For A Spray Tan...   Images                  

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