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Your summer survival guide - is it time for a skin ‘detox’?

Published: Thu January 19, 2017
Categories: The Myth Minx

With all the joy that summer brings, this most treasured season of the year boasts soaring temperatures and high humidity, leading us to develop some habits not so favourable to our skin. 

Which begs the question – it is time for a skin ‘detox’?

This is why Myth Minx has compiled her favourite solutions to overcome the onslaughts of summer and whip your 2017 skin routine into shape.

Summer Challenge #1 - Heat Rash

This is oh-so common on the back of legs, stomach, back or anywhere on the body that may be covered by tight clothing. Heat rash occurs when sweat glands become blocked, so when sweat is produced, it cannot escape to the surface of the skin leading to inflammation and the appearance of a rash.

Solution: Avoid thick heavy creams or moisturisers on the affected area and opt for lightweight clothing. For skin that feels irritated, itchy and appears quite red, apply a small amount of Laser Aid to soothe and calm.

Summer Challenge #2 – Folliculitis

Are you guilty of wearing your active wear long after your actual work out? Folliculitis is the infection and inflammation of a hair follicle, giving the appearance of a red bump or pimple and is commonly seen on buttocks, inner thighs, chest, back and shoulders. Wearing tight, sweaty clothing for long periods of time in summer creates the perfect playground for folliculitis as bacteria loves warm, damp environments.

Solution: be sure to change out of your active wear within an hour of a sweaty session, then shower. If you’re routinely suffering from inflamed or painful hair follicles you can use an anti-bacterial cleanser in the affected area such Glycolic Cleanser 12%
Try applying Laser Aid to any painful, inflamed bumps after cleansing and drying off.

Summer Challenge #3 - Peeling or dry, irritated skin

Ironically, despite the higher moisture content in the air, it is common to experience dry, peeling or irritated skin in summer. This is due to 3 main factors: sun, air-conditioning, and chlorinated pools.

Solution: Protect your skin each day and super charge your Age Defence SPF 50+ by adding a rice grain sized amount of Vitamin C 100%. Mix these together then apply by patting over your face, neck and décolletage each morning. Vitamin C is known to have a photo protective effect on the skin and has been shown to decrease UVB induced erythema (i.e. sunburn). The addition of Vitamin C 100% will also help keep those unwanted sun freckles at bay. For even further hydration, spritz the Multi-Active Mist prior to applying your Age Defence SPF 50+.

To combat peeling and dry skin, after cleansing apply a smooth film of Enzymatic Micro Peel, it’s loaded with B vitamins to replenish and calm redness at the same time it gently munches away at any dry or dead skin to reveal a soft, supple, hydrated and luminous skin tone. 

Summer Challenge #4 - Breakouts and oil

Has the warm weather and high humidity left your skin feeling oilier and more congested than usual? This time of year many of us benefit from increasing the intensity level of our exfoliator. 

Solution: Try adding in Glycolic Scrub 14% to your routine 2 – 3 times per week. Its deep cleansing, anti-bacterial action work to purify and decongest the complexion  while it’s exfoliating properties deliver a smoother, softer more refined skin tone.
Say goodbye to that oily T. 

Remember to always wear a moisturiser (even in summer or with oily skin). Ironically, if we fail to moisturise daily this can exacerbate oily skin conditions.

MM’s Top skin ‘detox’ tips for 2017

  • Enjoy a make-up free day once a week
  • Exfoliate a few times a week (using either a low or high intensity exfoliant, whichever is most suited to your skin) – complete this digital consultation to discover which is right for your skin 
  • Nourish your skin from within – be sure to get your 5 serves of vegetables each day
  • Hydrate – try to aim for 2 litres of water per day 
  • Dry body brush – to encourage your lymphatic  and circulatory systems
  • Have your skin analysed by a professional – ensure your current regime is correct for your skin – remember internal and external influences can affect your skin

Happy New Year Beauties!















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