Staff picks

Staff picks

What our staff members recommend

Staff picks

"Age Defence SPF 50+ keeps my skin hydrated. It also makes my makeup set and last longer and at the end of the day my skin is not oily."

Elizabeth – Customer Service Representative

"L-Lactic Cleanser induces a mild dead cell desquamation, encouraging cellular renewal and leaving my skin soft, nourished and hydrated without irritation."

Samantha – Customer Service Representative

Staff picks

I LOVE the Glycolic Scrub!

It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and prevents breakouts.

Joanne - Business Development Manager NSW

Staff picks

I absolutely love our Retinol, it’s my saving grace. Like many women I am noticing fine lines and little wrinkles sneaking onto my face but I also suffer from the odd break out too. So the Retinol is the perfect corrector for me, not only does it help to regulate sebum production which minimises breakouts, it also contains a unique peptide that helps to soften my expression lines. Since I have been using Retinol my skin tone is more even and looks more youthful (minus the breakouts). One of my new favourite things to do is to layer my correctors, so I now have been layering the Rejuvenate 15 over my Retinol whenever I feel my skin needs a little extra nourishment.

Zoe - Marketing Manager


Staff picks

"(One of) my absolute favourite Skinstitut product is the Enzymatic Micro Peel. It is my saviour.
If I am having the occasional breakout, it calms and heals it quickly and if I am dull and tired looking, I sleep in it and the results are a fresh, bright, radiant, more even skin in the morning! It smells and feels delicious!
I even use it on my cuticles, feet and décolletage and they all Love it!"

Joanne - Business Development Manager VIC

Staff picks

My pick is Glycolic Cleanser 12%!

I suffer from oily skin and hormonal breakouts so Glycolic Cleanser 12% is perfect for me to use as my daily cleanser. This product lightly exfoliates and decongests my skin, while the tea tree oil acts as an anti-bacterial agent to help kill any bacteria and stop future breakouts. I also use my Glycolic Cleanser 12% as an overnight spot treatment.

Ashlee - Business Development Manager NSW

Staff picks

I could not live without my Multi-Active Oil.

My have a normal/combination skin which means I experience an oily T-zone with occasional dehydration. This often results in my make-up separating throughout the day and an overall dullness in my complexion. I love my Multi-Active Oil as it has high levels of natural Vitamin A, which helps to regulate the oil flow through my T-zone plus it creates a beautiful radiance and vitality to my skin from the powerful ingredient, Coenzyme Q10, which acts as a cell energiser. I usually mix with my Moisture Defence Normal for an intense night treatment. It's also great used with the Multi-Active Mist to strengthen and balance my skin tone.

Catherine - Business Development Manager QLD


Staff picks


Gentle Cleanser is my pick.

Safe for use around delicate eye and lip areas, yet thoroughly removes the days make up.

Tamara - Business Development Manager VIC


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