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My name is Kate Wilson and I am currently playing the role of Natalie in Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom the Musical.

 As we began our rehearsal process in January of this year, the girls at Laser Clinics Australia Parramatta encouraged me to try Skinstitut products to help with my acne prone and sensitive skin. Wearing heavy stage make-up under hot lights each night was a big worry for me as I was already battling with pimples and redness. At 25 years old its    embarrassing having pimples!

I just wanted to write to let you know, that your products have really saved my skin from what I was dreading. Even with the copious amounts of make-up, sweat and heat my

skin has managed to not become a victim to pimples, and if anything it is the best it has been in years! Even off medication!

I use your L-Lactic Cleanser every day to wash off my make-up in the dressing room after the shows, and even the girls in the dressing room are asking to use it! From your Glycolic Cleanser and Scrub, to your Enzymatic Micro Peel, I have it all to cover all bases to keep my skin stage ready. In this industry it is so important to have good skin, and my confidence has definitely been boosted now that I know I have a skin regime that is working!

So thank you thank you thank you! I cannot say it enough!


Kate Wilson

I first discovered Skinstitut retinol serum about a year ago and was instantly converted. I recently took a break from using it to trial another (very expensive) brand recommended by a friend; and as soon as I switched back to Skinstitut I was reminded of why I love it so much. My skin is smoother, firmer and more even toned than it was five years ago and because the Skinstitut range is so affordable, I can finally use effective products on other parts of my body. I use the glycolic scrubs all over and the Enzymatic Micro Peel on my chest once a week. The Even Blend Serum is also fantastic for the tops of your hands before bed! It’s so nice to finally have a skincare regime that tackles all the areas that show early signs of aging – not just my face.

Brooke Radich - Invisalign

I absolutely love your products. I was recommended them by Skin in Port Melbourne and as I'm getting married in a few months they have changed my complexion and the prices are unbelievable. It's taken me years to find good skin care and now I have it and it's not going to break my bank. Love it and well done

Alissa Coloe

I just want to congratulate you on such a beautiful product. I am 55 years old and my daughter is 27 and we both use your skincare. We have found it makes our skin look so healthy and glowing and it has reduced my lines around my eyes. I have tried so many skincare lines and yours is the best.
I love it.

Cheryl Walshe

It’s so nice to see such a great, honest and most of all Australian brand that has made skin care worth it and not just a myth. I have been recommending your products to everyone I know (even the boys!). Thank you again!


I’m a single mum and can’t afford to spend money on products that don’t work, but with the Skinstitut range I have finally found products that actually deliver what they claim, amazing products at an amazing price and Australian smile


The combination of active, soothing and beautifying ingredients makes my skin radiate. Since starting with Skinstitut products my skin has gone from dull to bright and radiant. Thank you so much for a wonderful, Australian product that is cost effective.


I just need to say thank you. Your skincare has truly changed the way I feel about myself and I could not be more grateful! I actually had to fly home to Canada after being in Australia for four months because my acne got so bad and I didn't know what else to do...But before I left I went to an amazing Laser Clinic on Oxford St, Sydney and got a skin analysis from the most amazing staff... And two weeks after taking it my face cleared and I am proud to say I haven't had a breakout in just less than two years!! You guys are radically changing lives, one face at a time.


Just want to say I love this brand. My sister bought me a face pack for my birthday and I can't believe how much my face cleared up after one wash and overnight. Thank you


I'm new to Skinstitut but after years and years of struggling with acne, using minimal amounts of moisturiser and liquid makeup products your Hydrating mask has seriously changed my life. I recently had a skin consultation and was recommended a few products including your mask. I am never turning back seriously. My skin is glowing from within, such an amazing product!


Just dropping by to let you know how much I LOVE your products, I have only been using them for one week now and I have already seen a huge improvement in my skin. I am a forty year old woman who for the last ten years I have suffered from hormonal breakouts. I have spent thousands of dollars in treatments but I am really impressed with your products, price and especially that you’re Australian. YAY!


Hi there, just wanted to congratulate you on these products. They actually work, almost a week and my pigmentation and sunburn marks have already disappeared...thank you!


Repair balm is the ultimate to soothe and protect my dry flaky skin. I call it my rescue balm as I use it for so many different things.


Just a quick note, I purchased your sample pack from the Sydney Spa and Beauty expo, one product that I wasn’t sure about was the free sample of Laser Aid, since I wasn’t using any Laser equipment I figured I’d never use it. 3 weeks later and I can honestly say it is the best after shave balm I’ve ever used. It took away the redness and leaves my skin feeling great after a shave, so I guess "laser aid" is now my "razor aid"


I love the Skinstitut Hydrating Mask. It is so gentle and kind to my skin and it really works wonders during the winter months. It keeps my skin hydrated and looking radiant without any dry flaky skin caused by weather conditions


I love this product, I have combination skin and this moisturiser keeps my skin hydrated but stops my t-zone looking oily throughout the day.


I use moister defence normal skin twice a day every day, is so light on the skin and my skin feels super smooth refreshed. It’s great!!


I like to use this as my ‘night cream’ for something a little richer and more hydrating.


Love that this product is 100% Vitamin C unlike most liquid formulations, as it is powder it can’t lose potency too!


I have pigmentation on my skin and have tried EVERYTHING to remove it. Even Blend is the first product that has actually made any difference to fading it, also my blackheads are now non-existent and my skin is super smooth. Great products at a great price, real results!


Rejuvenate 15 is totes amaze-balls!!! My skin is feeling fresh & bright and my skin tone has improved. I love the scent; it is not girly or heavy.


I’d been looking for a cosmeceutical brand for a while and I’m so glad I found Skinstitut. I’m using the Retinol and my skin has never felt so soft. I’m even getting compliments so I know I’m not imagining the results I’m seeing smile


Eye believe is my favourite of the Skinstitut range! I am in my late 30’s and I have tried so many eye creams & this product is the best on the market. Its benefits are all true; it had reduced the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles & tightens skin around my eye area. It is truly the most amazing eye serum, you have to try it…believe!!


Best product for me is the Glycolic Scrub. An absolutely fantastic product that actually does what it says. After using the scrub I can actually see where blackheads have come out! Amazing. The best part is that all Skinstitut products are affordable. For a uni student like me, working 3 jobs to make ends meet, this is so important.


I was very happy with the results I saw after using this product, both instantly and more long-term. After my first use, my skin was left feeling significantly smoother, and it definitely had brightness to it that it did not have before. With more frequent uses, I have noticed that my skin is never dull-looking; it always looks bright and refreshed. I no longer have to use physical exfoliants which can be harsh on the skin as this micro peel manages to slough away any dead skin without causing any irritation.


This product is AMAZING. For the first time in years my skin feels soft. My make-up stays on much better now and my face feels clean all of the time. I use this product with the moisturiser and I don’t think I will ever look back.


I absolutely adore your Glycolic Cleanser, I have battled with bad skin and self-esteem issues as a result for years, and Skinstitut has finally given me hope that I can have the skin I want! Thank you!


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