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Anti-ageing Solutions For Glowing Skin

Published: Thu July 02, 2015
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What is premature ageing?

It is only natural to experience changes in the skin as we age, however, some of us experience these changes much earlier than expected.
Visible ageing is a result of the gradual deterioration of the skins support structures (collagen) in addition to the slowing down of normal skin function.
The easiest way to maintain a youthful glow is to protect your collagen supply. To do this we want to avoid excess UV exposure (from the sun) and harmful free radicals, as these are the most detrimental factors to our healthy collagen supply and lead to premature aging.

Signs of (premature) ageing:
- Dry, dull skin
- Fine lines
- Loss of elasticity in the skin
- Dark under eye circles
- Uneven blotchy complexion
- Wrinkles and ‘saggy’ skin
- Crows feet, frown and expression lines
If you are seeing a number of these changes occurring in your skin before your time, this may be an indication that you are experiencing some degree of premature ageing.

Possible causes and contributing factors for premature aging
- Excessive sun exposure (UV damage can result in a loss of collagen)
- Smoking (damages collagen)
- High sugar diet
- Lack of sleep
- Stress
- Environment and pollution
- High alcohol consumption
- Poor diet lacking in nutrients and antioxidants
- Lack of exercise

Lifestyle Tips
- Apply SPF 50+ to your face every day
- Wear a hat and sunglasses when outdoors
- Avoid sunbaking or the use of sun beds
- Quit or reduce smoking
- Exercise regularly to encourage circulation, oxygen production and the elimination of toxins
- Reduce sugar intake
- Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates
- Eat plenty of foods rich in Vitamin C, such as strawberries, kiwifruit, blueberries, mangoes, oranges, broccoli, red capsicum or kale (to aid collagen production)
- Eat an antioxidant rich and balanced diet loaded with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit Anti-ageing solutions at home

A results-driven homecare regime designed to target premature ageing involves 5 steps.

You can create your skins perfect match with your own special 5 a-day programme from Skinstitut, with this programme you can cover your skincare routine with the 5 simple steps to ensure radiant skin.

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