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Find your Flawless - Skinstitut Cosmedical Mineral make up

Published: Tue April 30, 2019
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Skinstitut’s brands trust is all about sourcing innovative, high tech ingredients to perfect the skin for use in a clinical setting. So, it made sense that our team of experts wanted to protect and further enhance the skin once the dermal treatment was complete. This 
includes foundation, since many patients are not up for the make-up-free look post treatment, and depending upon their skin condition actually find it quite daunting. Ideation really started with the concept of safety and skin confidence in mind. Dermal therapists and nurses within our network told us they want

Market-leading in make-up innovation – The Skinstitut cosmedical mineral range is a hybrid between skincare and make-up. Each product has an advanced formulation, combining cosmedical skincare ingredients with natural, triple milled minerals for the safest way to camouflage skin post clinical treatments and importantly, facilitate the healing process.

Designed to be applied directly after dermal treatments (excluding Micro needling & Dermal Rolling plus purple peel) – Both the Pressed Mineral Foundation & Loose Mineral Foundation are ideal to be applied immediately after skin treatments. The Loose powder is the ideal of the two powders to be used post treatment for optimal hygiene and purity, and also for speed of colour matching. In fact, it is better for your skin to be protected with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients found within the Skinstitut Cosmedical mineral range rather than being left bare post treatment. 

Formulated for post cosmetic injectable treatments – Designed to glide over the skin for non-irritating application after any cosmetic injectable treatment (such as muscle relaxants or dermal filler). The colour correcting pigments are highly advantageous to conceal bruising or redness while your body heals post treatment.

Make up with skin correcting benefits – Skinstitut Cosmedical Minerals is produced via milling earthen minerals to a very fine powder. The natural minerals, Mica in particular, have the ability to reflect and scatter light, diffusing and optically minimising fine lines and skin discolouration. And remember, it’s naturally anti-bacterial and ensures the skin can function optimally preventing clogging of pores. Unlike oil or petroleum-based make-up the mineral profile soothes the skin and prevents irritation.

Weightless Formulations - We have used ingredients that support break-out prone skin. Non-comedogenic ingredients help the products glide easily across the skin and spread in an even layer for maximum effectiveness giving it a longer lasting, weightless application. The skin can ‘breathe’, blemishes are treated and concealed throughout the day.

Range Overview

Skinstitut Cosmedical Minerals have a complexion correcting solution suitable for every skin type that will suit any occasion.

  • Pressed Mineral Foundation - 4 in 1 |Concealer| Foundation |Natural Sun Protector | Finishing powder
  • Loose Mineral Foundation - 4 in 1 |Concealer| Foundation |Natural Sun Protector | Finishing powder
  • High Definition Foundation - Photo finish | Hydrating | Skin conditioning |Weightless liquid
  • BB Cream - Blemish Balancer | Colour Corrector | Tinted Moisturiser | SPF 15

Skinstitut complexion products are produced with the same philosophy as our skincare, using top quality, potent, cutting-edge ingredients. We are proud to be vegan and cruelty free too.  You can find them exclusively (for now) at Laser Clinics Australia. Click here to find your closest location

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