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Is it a myth that your skin will age like your mother’s?

Published: Tue May 21, 2013
Categories: The Myth Minx

Hello there, With Mother’s Day not long behind us, I thought it would be timely to look at one of the greatest ‘myth-conceptions’ many people have about ageing skin and their mum. Is it true that your skin will age the same as your mother’s? Sadly for those of you whose mother has aged extremely well, the answer is no. However, for those of you reading whose mother’s skin hasn’t aged as well, the good news is, that genetics only play’s part of the ageing process for skin. So while genetically good skin may hold some truth, genes don’t determine everything. So you can’t assume because your mum has aged well that so will you. Sure genes may play a part, if your mother and father have radiant, glowing, and wrinkle free skin; the odds are stacked in your favour that you may also have won the lucky dip in the gene pool. Your genetic good fortune however, isn’t limited to your parents so whilst they may or may not have the perfect skin there’s no guarantee that you will be the same. You may be the person that draws the short straw and develops acne or allergies that no other family member has! Lifestyle is of course a major factor. Think of it this way, we may be born with a genetic predisposition towards heart disease, cancer or diabetes for instance but we do not necessarily inherit these diseases. Genetically predisposed people, who are careful with their diet, regularly consult a G.P, exercise daily, and look after their total health may never develop these conditions. In a nutshell, just because your family may have great skin, it does not automatically mean that you will, too, especially if you neglect your skin or abuse it. Diet, skincare and lifestyle will be the main attributes to how your skin looks so the more care you take with what you eat and what you put on your skin, the more you can manipulate that gene pool.  In other words with the right products, diet and care, acne, scars, and premature ageing can all be successfully treated. But be warned - neglect, sun damage and partying to the max could mean those genetically blessed looks could all head south at an accelerated speed.   Prevention is always better than cure,so here are my Top Tips to help your skin look its best no matter your age. Eat clean and lean: Getting the essential nutrients that the body and skin require will give you the best skin you can have. Avoid refined white foods, trans and hydrogenated fats and processed/junk foods. Ensure fresh fruits and veggies, clean filtered water, fish, lean protein, nuts and seeds are a regular part of your diet.
  • Visit a skin expert: Getting expert advice on choosing the right products for your skin will ensure that your skin is kept in optimum skin health.
  • Keep it simple: Sometime doing too much to your skin can be more detrimental than doing nothing. Overzealous cleansing and exfoliating are enemies of good skin. Use antioxidant and vitamin enriched cosmetically skincare daily to protect and enhance healthy cell function.
  • Protect: UV SPF 50 applied daily to the face is the ultimate in premature ageing.
What are your thoughts on the issue -- have you found that many of your skincare clients believe they will age like their mother regardless of their lifestyle? Or have you found you have aged like your mother, or have similar skin?    

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