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Tips for healthy skin

Published: Wed January 23, 2013
Categories: Top 5 Advice
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What’s the secret to having healthy skin? Believe it or not, there is no ‘secret.’ Healthy skin comes down to educating yourself on the routine you need to follow, to ensure your skin is kept in the condition that makes it feel good. As we all know, when we feel good, you look good… it’s no different for your skin. Here is Managing Director, Fiona Tuck’s Top 5: Tips For Healthy Skin. 1. Keep it simple.  Overzealous cleansing and exfoliating can strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture leading to dry, irritated and break out prone skin. Avoid harsh course scrubs, astringent based products and acne ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, triclosan and alcohol toners for long term use. These should only ever be used short term to treat acne flare-ups; long-term use can do more harm than good. 2. Eat well. A glowing healthy skin is a reflection of internal health. The skin is the first place to show signs of nutritional deficiencies so start being aware of what your face is trying to tell you. Break outs between the eyes for example in Chinese medicine can signify liver distress – perhaps too many late nights, rich greasy foods, alcohol and cigarettes are starting to take their toll! Purple marks and break out prone skin may be a sign of low zinc levels and poor wound healing. Increasing zinc in the diet by eating foods such as shellfish and red meat will help the purple marks to disappear. 3. Read Labels. Many products and ingredients we use daily could actually be the culprit for causing congestion and acne cosmetica (little bumps on the skin). If you are getting congestion check that it is not caused by products such as heavy silicon based make ups and make up primers, dark or heavily pigmented lipstick, blushers and bronzing powders, tinted moisturisers, spray tans, heavy oil or petroleum based products such as baby oil, hair serums and sprays. By switching to a natural mineral makeup and using an exfoliating cleanser the congestion will be gone in no time. 4. Hydrate. When your skin is suffering hydration issues, be it surface dehydration that affects up to 98% of the Australian population and can’t be cured simply by drinking water it’s impossible to have glowing, gorgeous skin. If you think your skin is continually dry – seek an appointment with a skin specialist to make sure your skin routine is suitable for your skin. Of course, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated through water also, to have happy, healthy skin. 5.  Protect. Always wear UV protection to protect the skin from hyperpigmentation and premature ageing. Much of the UV damage is caused before the age of 20 so early protections is important, as the damaging UV effects will not start to appear until late thirties on the skin. Look for a broad spectrum SPF 50+ with antioxidants and vitamins to further protect and condition the skin. Protection is better than cure!    

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