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What is your skin telling you and have you been listening?

Published: Mon April 24, 2017
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From the texture, colour and location of skin changes, these all paint a picture of the balance within internal body systems. 

The fascinating concept, Holistic Skin Analysis is unique to Skinstitut and is a combination of philosophies from the teachings of nutritional medicine, naturopathic diagnosis, Chinese medicine and traditional skin analysis.

Holistic Skin Analysis works on the premise that the entire body is reflected on the face, each section of the face relates to an internal body system. If there is imbalance in that internal system, we see skin changes in the corresponding facial areas.

Have you ever been able to look at someone and tell they are not in perfect health? How did you know, what gave it away? Perhaps you already have some basic in-built skin analysis skills?

Since Myth Minx gets questions on Holistic Skin Analysis on the daily, she wanted to share some common skin analysis regions that may explain why you continually experience that pesky monthly breakout or why that stubborn pigmentation mysteriously arose above your top lip.















Let’s look first at the typical areas we see skin changes the most:

Forehead relates to digestion (upper digestive tract), in between the eyebrows corresponds with our liver.

If you are seeing superficial congestion, skin irritation, dryness or flakiness this can indicate the digestive system is under additional stress and may be having a hard time breaking down foods. Digestive upsets (indigestion, gas or bloating) would also be common.

Solution: For skin dryness, flakiness and superficial congestion try using Enzymatic Micro Peel, the soothing micro exfoliant calms reactivity, eats away at dead skin in a gentle fashion helping to create a smoother, brighter complexion.

Chin relates to elimination (lower digestive tract/bowel)

In this part of the face it is common to see stubborn blackheads and congestion. Ongoing breakouts and persistent blackheads often represent poor elimination in the body. 
Remember our skin is our largest elimination organ, if our other elimination systems become burdened,; we are likely to see toxins escaping through the skin. Contributors to poor elimination include insufficient water intake, low fibre diets or diets high in sugar, alcohol or caffeine. 

Solution: to eradicate stubborn blackheads and non-inflamed congestion a high intensity exfoliant is needed. Try incorporating Glycolic Scrub 14% into the regime at least 2–3 times per week, being sure to focus on working the product thoroughly over the chin. 
Regular use will break up the intracellular bonds that are trapping dead skin cells in the follicle that can lead to congestion. Mechanical exfoliation will also help to smooth a rough, uneven skin tone.

Now come the interesting areas that almost every female will identify with:

Above the top lip correlates with our reproductive system. Changes that are typically seen here include pigmentation, excess hair growth, blackheads and breakouts. We often see changes occur in this part of the face with medications (think oral contraceptives) or with a health challenge in the reproductive system.

Chin/jawline (particularly the part chin that sits below the corners of the mouth eg. the sides of the chin area rather than the centre of the chin) – this part of the face corresponds to our sex organs, being Ovaries for women and Testes for men. You will be pleased to know that for many women it is exceptionally common to see mild congestion or breakout in this area once a month or so. This can simply be a result of ovulation or menstruation. However, if you are experiencing chronic, persistent breakouts or excessive hair growth in this area it can be a sign of a deeper imbalance. We often see this occur in clients who may have challenges such as endometriosis, fibroids, Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome or the like.

To discover more about Holistic Skin Analysis and have your skin examined by a Skinstitut trained therapist visit  to find you nearest stockist.

Remember, having great skin is a direct reflection of health and wellness. 

One doesn’t happen without the other. 

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